• Directed by: Pal Rolyat
  • Produced by: Mark Robbins
  • Distributed by: Hill-Davis Productions Inc.
  • Released on: September 21, 2012
  • Running time: 20 min.
  • Film: comedy - sound - short


Summer is over and the kids are heading back to school. Stubby, a year older that the rest of the kids, is returning for another year and decides that he can't take school anymore. So, after talking to a local blacksmith, Stubby sets out to get himself expelled from school. After trashing Uh-huh's poem, he gets expelled by Miss James. Then when he figures out that there's no one to play with and nowhere to go, he decides to come crawling back to school. The film ends with a skunk following him and stinking up the classroom.


  • This short marks the first appearance of Jack Baines , who portrays Stubby in this short. Baines would appear throughout the 2012/13 season and left at the very end of the season, appearing in 9 shorts.
  • It also marks the first appearance of Janet Hill, the new leading lady.
  • This short is the first in the 2012/13 season.
  • This short is the beginning of another transitional period. After the majority of the older kids left, Jackie "Sniffles" Taverns, Zachary "Eraserhead" Marvel, and John "Uh-huh" Beckham are left to carry on the series, along with newcomers Baines and Hill.


The Main KidsEdit

  • Jack Baines - "Stubby"
  • Jackie Taverns - "Sniffles"
  • Zachary Marvel - "Eraserhead"
  • John Beckham - "Uh-huh"
  • Janet Hill

The Recurring KidsEdit

  • Ernest Livingston - "kid in classroom"
  • John Arson - "kid in classroom"
  • Joe Quigley - "kid in classroom"
  • Ashley Martina - "kid in classroom"
  • Richard Beckett - "kid in classroom"
  • Norville Horton - "kid in classroom"
  • Joe Conden - "kid in classroom"
  • Jean Lafitte - "kid in classroom"
  • Maryanne Shield - "Pansy"