• Directed by: Pal Rolyat
  • Produced by: Mark Robbins
  • Distributed by: Hill-Davis Productions Inc.
  • Released on: November 2, 2012
  • Running time: 20 min.
  • Film: comedy - sound - short


Sniffles and Granpa Jenkins are selling lemonade and a rival lemonade stand trys to run them out of business. The kids decide to help Sniffles and Granpa Jenkins get more customers after they're shooed away. The kids decide to start a parade to get customers to buy Sniffles and Granpa Jenkins's lemonade.


  • This short marks the final appearance of Jackie Taverns, who portrays Sniffles. Taverns left the series for a career in features.


Main KidsEdit

  • Jackie Taverns - "Sniffles"
  • Zachary Marvel - "Eraserhead"
  • Quentin Bates - "Shrimpy"
  • Jack Baines - "Stubby"
  • John Beckham - "Uh-huh"
  • Janet Hill